Deneen Washington

Maple Avenue School

Deneen Washington is currently the principal of Maple Avenue School within Newark Public Schools. Deneen is currently enrolled in a doctoral degree program at Kean University in Urban Education. For the 2010-2011 school year, Mrs. Washington selected the theme "Anchored in Excellence,"which speaks to the strong foundation that has been cultivated within Maple Avenue School under her leadership. Maple Avenue recognizes the fact that each child is endowed with potential that can be tapped and channeled into positive outcomes. They are, therefore, committed to mobilizing the human, technological, material and educational resources that are available, in order to create a safe and congenial environment that will promote effective teaching and learning. Deneen Washington was the recipient of the Geraldine Dodge Fellowship with a collaborative team at Maple Avenue School in 2008, where she traveled to Japan to study the practices of the Constructivism Theory and Lesson Study. In 2009, she was again awarded the Geraldine Dodge Fellowship through the New Jersey Principals and Supervisor Association. In 2010, Deneen Washington was awarded with the George T. King Memorial Award from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey for her work in developing community partnerships to support the students, parents and staff members of Maple Avenue School.