Joaquin Vega

Bronx International High School

Joaquin Vega immigrated to the United States after completing high school in Colombia. He became a school aide at Manhattan International High School while still in college. With his computer science degree, he spent ten years at Manhattan International and became a math teacher and coach of three PSAL teams. Completing two masters' degrees, he became the Assistant Principal at Bronx International High School, and has been the Principal there since 2006. As a part of the International Network of Schools, Bronx International focuses on reaching all recent immigrant students and preparing them for continued education after graduation. The academic structures provide for mixed level groupings, tier support, outcomes-based learning, advisory/service learning, electives (dance,arts, drumming, guitar), college-now, and internships for all students. Joaquin has been a participant in a French Educational Exchange through the French Embassy, is a New York City LEAP Program Mentor, and is also a part of the Innovation Zone.