Yolanda Mendez
graduated from Rutgers College, Rutgers University Graduate School and Seton Hall University Graduate School and is currently completing her Doctoral Dissertation at Seton Hall University. Mendez possesses a BA, two EdMs and an EdS in Education. Her dissertation theme is how new approaches to leadership address the professional development needs of an urban elementary school. She has been a Principal in Newark, New Jersey since 2008 and began her administrative career in education as a Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum in 1997 in the city of Dover,NJ and in 2004, she served as a Special Assistant to the Regional Superintendent of all of the high schools in the city of Newark. Her emphasis was curriculum and instruction. Currently, as a principal,Yolanda has demonstrated a commitment to team building and promoting teacher leaders in her staff in order to sustain growth throughout the entire constituency she serves. The vision of the school is to provide children with the necessary tools in order to promote learning and excellence for ALL children.Yolanda is a Seton Hall University National Fellow in the Doctoral Program and has received recognition from Cambridge Education, and the Center of Educational Leadership.