The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Public School Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University seeks to strengthen public schools by recognizing outstanding principals and aspiring principals and developing their capacity as leaders.

The Program engages principals and aspiring principals in a collaborative network of peers and develops their ability to improve school climate and culture, teacher effectiveness and ultimately student learning and achievement.


The Cahn Fellows Program was founded in 2002 as a result of the vision and generosity of Charles & Jane Cahn. The Cahns wanted to do something to recognize excellence in education with the belief that, in recognizing and supporting excellence, we can help an entire system to rise.

The Cahn Fellows Program inducted its first cohort of Cahn Fellows into the Program in 2003. It is the only program of its kind that has been specifically designed to support the growth of exemplary school leaders. The Program enables Fellows to become even more effective principals while leveraging their talents to support aspiring school principals.


The Cahn Fellows Program seeks to improve the functioning and the reputation of principals in the public school system by