Leadership Challenges


How can increased use of technology in project-based content activities for middle school ELLs improve student academic performance?

How do we use technology to improve student learning, teacher efficiency and home-school communication?

Instructional Strategies

How can we increase the volume and quality of student writing in all grades, K-5?

How can a standardized writing curriculum affect student achievement?

A Year in Science: Connecting Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment to see great results

Focusing professional development on the application of teacher-generated and standardized data for guiding small group instruction

How will the Reading Reform Program improve Literacy achievement for the holdover students in Grades 1 and 2?

How can we use AVID to get teachers to adopt new practices?

How can the principal assist teachers to identify specific needs, tools and instructional resources to ensure the mastery of English Language Arts standards?

Teacher/Adult Development

What can we do to increase teacher retention at our school?

How can we increase academic rigor in a way that teachers can understand, embrace, and own as part of their professional practice?

How do we create a professional learning community using the collaborative inquiry process to analyze student data and develop units of study in our writing curriculum?

How does a school community build upon existing structures and “stretch” itself into a Professional Learning Community?

Data Use

How can we build our collective knowledge of authentic assessment to develop a school-wide system of performance-based assessment?

Identify how we can develop an environment that supports data analysis and its use to inform and differentiate instruction.

How Can Teachers Use Data Effectively to Make Instructional Changes?

Special Needs Students

How can we improve the credit accumulation and four-year graduation rates of at-risk high school students, without compromising the academic rigor and integrity of our school's program?

What are the immediate goals for SIFE?

Parental Involvement/Community Partnerships

Arts and Enrichment