International Symposium on African Diasporic Languages & Education

Paradigms, Practices and Politics of Language in Education

October 5-7, 2007

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Invited experts addressed theoretical and pedagogical concerns and their political consequences in the areas of policy, international development, and education in African and Diasporic language communities. The symposium highlighted a different language group each day, beginning with an exploration of the cultural, historical, and linguistic roots of African language, education, policy, and planning on the African continent as well as in the United States. The second day focused on Creole-speaking regions, investigating the interface between language, educational development, and policy, and the third day turned to the sociolinguistic situation in the United States, this time addressing these questions for speakers of African-American English. Each day combined theoretical presentations with educational development sessions (putting theory directly into practice) and roundtable discussions among educators, policymakers, and language scholars (translating theory and practice into conversation toward change).

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