Digital Language Learning Roundtable

October 27-28, 2005

Roundtable program

The purpose of this roundtable was to deepen and strengthen the dialogue between scholars at Tamkang University in Taiwan and Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City around the uses of digital technologies for second and foreign language students. The Roundtable included presentations of current research projects at the two universities and discussions around the development of new, joint research projects. Members of the Taiwan delegation consisted of senior scholars and a doctoral student currently engaged in designing and implementing digital technology applications for English language learning in Taiwan. The Teachers College group consisted of both senior faculty and doctoral students involved in research on technology and language/literacy education.

The two groups decided to come together for the Roundtable for intellectual exchange because they recognized their complementary expertise in the field. The group from Taiwan has been involved in the design of particular digital tools and platforms for language learning and in investigating the effects of such tools on individual learners. The Teachers College scholars are experts in the ecologies of classroom learning and technology use, that is, in the social and cultural aspects of language education. The participants met for two days, and at the end of the Roundtable, they agreed that the sessions had been an unqualified success and that the intellectual exchange would bear fruit in the near term through the sharing of tools and knowledge between Teachers College and Tamkang University. In addition, plans are in the making to obtain funding for a future joint research project.