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Mission of Center

We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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(V) Presentations and Papers by Visiting Scholars in Center on Chinese Education

An Action Research on Improving Teachers' Reflection Level in In-service Teacher Training in China  
Number Author/ Coauthors Title View and Download
V-1* Wang, X. Science education in the People's Republic of China (in English)  [Wang, X]   
V-2* Zhou, H. A College and A Country - Teachers College, Columbia University and Modern Chinese Education (original in Chinese, translated by Wang, H..)  [Zhou, H.]   
V-3* Li, W. School-finance reform in the United States: A study of four states (in English) [Li, W.]   
V-4* Li, W. & Min, W. The private demand for higher education in China (in English)  [Li, W. and Min, W.]  PDF
V-5*  Wang, W.  Privatization of Education in China: The Experience of South Ocean Co. Ltd. [PowerPoint Presentation: Part 1 , Part 2  
V-6* Xiong, C. On reflective teaching (in Chinese), China [Xiong.] PDF
V-7* Wen, D. The impact of SES on higher education opportunities and graduate employment in China (Wen, D., 2005.) PDF
V-8* Zhou, H. The spread and impact of Deweyan educational philosophy in China (Zhou, 2005.) PDF
V-9* Fan, Y.W. Intercollegiate Difference of the National Student Loans: Evidence from Some Universities of Shanghai PDF
V-10* Zheng, R.L. National College Entrance Examination Problems and Reforms PDF
V-11* Wang, Y.N. Pressure of National College Entrance Exam on Senior High Students and Status of Their Personality PDF
V-12* Wang, Y.N. Difference between High School Students and Upper Secondary Students PDF
V-13* Bai, Y.M. Teacher Education Development in China PDF
V-14* Li, L. Impact of Merging Schools on Primary Education in Poor Minority Areas: the Experience of Guangxi, China PDF
V-15* Xie, W.H. Reform and Innovative Construction in the structure of Chinese Higher Education PDF
V-16* Qi, C.X. The Reform of Mathematic Education in China PDF
V-17* Wang, Y.Y. Early Childhood Education in China: Challenges and Policies  
V-18* Wang, S.M. The Research on Education Equity in China PDF
Zhai, J. L.
On System Innovation of School Choice in China PPT
V-20* Wang, W.Y. Social Class Differences in Access to Higher Education in China PPT
V-21* Chen, Y.R. Text Book Reform in China: Problems and Discussion PDF
V-22* Zhou, M.S. The Development and Reforms of Higher Education in China PPT
V-23* Yang, Mei Some Arguments on the Phenomenon of Expense on Choosing School in China PPT


Liu, H. S.(2011)

The Reflection on China's Contemporary Aesthetic Education in Higher Education

V-25* Wang, Y. L. (2011)
An Action Research on Improving Teachers' Reflection Level in In-service Teacher Training in China
Zhou, H. M. (2014)
The Institutional Analysis of Changes of the Mass Education Museum in Republic of China
Xia, Xue (2014)
Quantity and Quality of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in China-Analysis from an Economic Perspective
Chen, Chao (2014)
The Ratio of Administrators and Administrative Staff-to-Faculty in Public Universities in China and its Implications