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Mission of Center

We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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China MOE delegation's visit to TC

On the August 31th of 2012, a delegation from Ministry of Education (MOE), China visited Teachers College. Professor Mun Tsang, the director of Center on Chinese Education warmly welcomed the delegates and had a meeting with them in Russell Hall 306.

After a brief introduction of Teachers College and Center on Chinese education, Professor Tsang exchanged ideas with the delegation. The leader of the group, Ms. WANG, Liying, who is Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education of China, expressed the group's regards and discussed the intent of cooperation with Center on Chinese Education in the future. Other members of the delegation are also from Ministry of Education, including Director General Zhao Fan, Director General Gu Peijun, Deputy Director General Yangjun, and Director Ma Guisheng.