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We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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Professor Mun C. Tsang is Honorary Professor of Yunnan Normal University

Mun C. Tsang, Professor of Economics of Education and Director of Center on Chinese Education, Teachers College Columbia University (TC), received the Honorary Professor award from Yunnan Normal University (YNNU) on February 20th, 2012, the first day of this spring semester of the university.The award recognizes Professor Tsang's exceptional contributions to the research on and development of Chinese education, and the ties between TC and the educational community in China.

Invited by the Office of International Relations of YNNU, Professor Tsang visited the new campus of the university. After a tour of the university, Professor Tsang had a meeting with the Vice President of the university, Yuan,Yichuan, Dr. Pu, Hong, the Director of the Office of International Relations; Professor Li, Jingsong, the Dean of School of Education Science and Management, Professor Xie, Xiaotian, the Dean of School of Early Childhood Education and Vocational Education. The other participants of the meeting include the Associate Directors of International Relations, and faculty members of the university.

      Yuan, Yichuan, the Vice President of YNNU, warmly welcome professor Tsang's visit. He introduced the recent development of YNNU, addressed the expectation of more communication and cooperation with Professor Tsang as well as the TC academic community. Dr. Pu, Hong and the deans talked about the potential cooperative projects. In his remark, Professor Tsang briefly described the TC academic community to the participants, and highlighted the long and unique relationship between TC and modern Chinese education. He pointed out that TC already has strong ties with some universities in Beijing, Shanghai, and other parts of China; it would like to develop and strengthen ties with universities in southwestern China.  Considering the multicultural society and the unique educational characteristics of Yunnan Province as well as the important education role of YNNU in the province, he wants stronger ties between YNNU and TC.   

        Located in southwestern China, Yunnan province is one of the most important provinces that Chinese Central government is promoting to develop quickly. Professor Tsang has long friendship with some professors of YNNU. And also, during the 2011 calendar year, he hosted Dr. Yanling Wang from YNNU to be a visiting scholar at TC. "We believe today's meeting is opening the new page of the communication between TC and YNNU". Concluded by Pu, Hong.The highlight of the meeting is the possible cooperation between YNNU and TC.  YNNU could be a research base of TC academic community in southwestern China since both institutions are located in a multicultural society and have common education issues, such as minority education, transcultural studies, and disadvantaged groups' education. The participants of the meeting talked about inviting TC professors to YNNU to give lectures or teach short courses; assisting TC professors and doctoral students to conduct research in Yunnan province, doing research projects collaboratively in the future, and so on. YNNU would like TC to accept visiting scholars or short-visit faculty for professional development, and develop cooperative training program for the faculty and staff of YNNU.

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