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We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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Professor Yanling Wang's lecture on An action research on improving teachers' reflection level in in-service teacher training in China

On the afternoon of April 19th, 2011, Professor Yanling Wang gave a lecture which is titled on her action research on improving teachers' reflection level in in-service teacher training in China.

Yanling Wang is an associate professor of Yunnan Normal University, southwest China. Her academic interest is teacher's education, as well as curriculum and instruction. In this lecture, she shared a recent study she conducted in western China.

At the beginning of the lecture, she introduced the evolution of China's in-service teacher training policies in the recent 20 years, which is the background of her research. China has heightened the diploma standards for the in-service teachers, and a large amount of in-service teachers has been enrolled in different kinds of teacher training programs in order to get a diploma or degree. Professor Wang conducted her research in a bachelor degree-oriented in-service teacher training program. In contrast to the didactic methods that ignored reflective ability in traditional in-service teacher training in west China, this study designs a new teaching methods emphasizing reflection. The approach of this study is action research, and the way of collecting data is through interviewing (individual and group interview), documenting the process, videotaping teaching sessions.

Through Multiple forms of data analysis and interpretation, the findings are derived: (1) non-didactic teaching methods do promote participants to reflect their own teaching; (2) all participants have reached comparative reflection, and this course help them further develops toward a new reflection category--reconstructing reflection; (3) what teachers reflect is directly relevant to the topic of the class. This research shines some lights on improving teachers' reflection in teacher training.

Finally, Professor Wang communicated more with the audience in the Q &A session.

Below is the link to  the presentation PPT of this lecture.