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We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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Recent Development in School Choice in China

Topic: Recent Development in School Choice in China

Speaker: Professor Jingli Zhai from Shanghai Normal University, visiting scholar at Center on Chinese Education, Teachers College Columbia University.

Time: 3.00 pm -4.40 pm on February 25th, 2010 (Thursday).

Location: GDH 541, Teachers College

Brief introduction of this presentation:

Nowadays there are increasing desires to educational choices in China. Almost every student wishes to get enrolled to a high-quality public school which has more and better educational resources. At the same time, non-public schools including private schools and other school innovations emerged during the past decades, providing the students with alternative educational opportunities. As we all know, the desires to educational choices triggered the eruption of a comprehensive change in the school system in the US. Is the same thing happening in China and how is it going now?

In order to answer these questions above, Professor Jingli Zhai will first review the current situation of non-public school innovations including private school, proprietary school, converted school, education voucher, and home schooling in China, and then discuss the barriers to its development, the role of the government in this non-public sector, and the way to promote and support such innovations in the school system.