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We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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Seven Visiting Scholars From China Have Arrived at TC in 2006-2007

Teachers College warmly welcomes the arrival of Professors Yimin Bai, Lu Li, Cunxia Qi, Yanan Wang, and Fanglin Wang as Visiting Professors during the academic year 2006-07.  Professor Yimin Bai is an Associate Professor at Shanghai Normal University, specializing in teacher professional development and comparative education.  Professor Lu Li is a Professor at Guangxi Normal University, specializing in education policy analysis and education finance. Professor Cunxia Qi is Associate Professor at Beijing Normal University, specializing in mathematics education.  Professor Yanan Wang is Associate Professor at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, specializing in cognitive psychology. Professor Fanglin Wang is lecturer at East China Normal University, specializing in teachers' professional development. In Fall 2006, seven Visiting Professors from China are at Teachers College to work with Teachers College faculty members in related educational research. The other two are Professors Yuanwei Fan and Ruoling Zheng; they arrived at Teachers College a few months ago. Professor Fan is an Associate Professor at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology(USST), who specializes in the economics of education. He has a research project on the education of children of migrants. Professor Zheng is an Associate Professor at Xiamen University. She specializes in education assessment and examination, particularly at the university level. She is conducting a research study of the examination system in imperial China.

Picture attached (Professor Tsang with new visiting scholars from China, 9/22/06)

Seven visiting professors from China in 2006-07