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We seek to contribute to a better understanding of education development in China and to strengthen education relationship between the United States and China.

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Yunnan Delegation's visit to TC and the lecture by Director General Luo

On the afternoon of Oct. 27th, 2010, Dr. Luo Chongmin, the Director General of Department of Education, Yunnan Province, China, visited Teachers College with a Yunnan Delegation and some representatives of China Education Initiatives.
(Dr. Luo: third from left)
After a tour in TC and a meeting with Professor Mun C. Tsang, director of Center on Chinese Education, Dr. Luo gave an inspiring speech on his reflections of the value and content of modern education.
A highlighted view is his ideas on the "Triple Values of Education for Life, Survival and Living". He emphasized that education is a kind of social activity that cultivates people's life, improves people's living conditions and facilitates their survival. As pointed out by him, the objective of modern education should be targeted at human beings. Humanity, education for all, internationalization, cooperation and innovation are the features of modern education. He concluded that the function of modern education is to improve the social ways of production and living and the fundamental value of education lies in the value of making people to become valuable and happy human beings.
"The largest crisis for the human being is not economic crisis, nor political crisis, it is rather education crisis", he mentioned. "Solutions for other crises can be found in educational ideas. To combat the alienation of education, we need to make more efforts."

Finally, in the Q and A session, he also shared his experiences with the students in advancing the movement of  "Life, Survival and Living Education" and other reforms in Yunnan.

 Downloadable translation of the lecture: Word