November 6, 2012 - Election Day (No School)

November 22nd and 23rd - Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 10th - 14th - Student Showcases at School Sites

December 24th - January 1st - Winter Break

Office of School and Partnerships Staffs


Nancy Streim
Harlem Ivy Principal Investigator

Nancy Streim is the Associate Vice President for School and Community Partnerships at Teachers College and Special Advisor to the Columbia University Provost. Head of the Office of School and Community Partnerships at TC, Nancy is the Principal Investigator for the Harlem Ivy 21st Century Community Learning Center. As Principal Investigator Nancy is the primary individual in charge of the grant funded program.

Nancy grew up in Maplewood, NJ where she attended Columbia High School. Her favorite subjects were foreign languages, she studied French and Italian. She has been able to use her language skills throughout her life as she travels avidly and extensively, often enjoying bicycle trips on the other side of the world! Nancy attended Bryn Mawr College where she majored in Art History. Her career evolved to focus on education; Nancy is particularly interested in the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and math.

Nancy’s favorite thing about after-school programming is the chance for students to get to do fun things and learn in different ways without the pressure of “school” weighing too heavily on them. In her spare time Nancy enjoys biking, traveling, and exploring both New York City and Philadelphia – the two cities she calls home.


Angela Fulcher
Expanded Learning Opportunities Associate

Angela Fulcher is the program manager for Harlem Ivy. Angela was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Angela attended Lutheran High School of St. Charles County where her favorite subjects were History and American Literature. After high school Angela went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis where she received a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. After graduating college, Angela moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she began teaching kindergarten as a 2007 Teach For America corps member. She also worked with KIPP Charlotte and Communities In Schools while living in Charlotte. Angela and her family moved to New York City in 2012.

Angela's favorite part of after school programs are the relationships students can build with program leaders and each other. Her favorite projects involved reading and writing, particularly programs that explore personal identity. In her spare time Angela enjoys taking yoga classes, cooking for friends, watching Masterpiece Theater, and playing board games with her husband, Evan. You can email Angela at


Haengsoo Seol
Harlem Ivy Media Specialist

Haengsoo Seol is the Harlem Ivy Media Specialist for the 2011 – 2012 academic year. His main responsibilities include managing the website, videotaping activities, and producing videos to be shown on the website and at the two Harlem Ivy showcases held at Teachers College each year!

Haeng is originally from South Korea. He lived in Toronto, Canada for 5 years and has been living in New York City for the past 11 years. Haeng went to high school in Seoul, Korea where his favorite subject was Art. He attended college at The New School University in NYC where he majored in Jazz Studies. After completing his degree he attended graduate school at New York University where he majored in Music Technology. He is currently enrolled in the Arts Administration program at Teachers College.

Haeng loves movies, creating technologies through things like circuit board design, and producing Jazz records. One of the albums he participated on was recently nominated for a Latin Grammy award! Haeng has been deeply involved in working with and helping seniors in the Harlem area during his time in New York. Haeng is an avid reader in his spare time, reading articles on all sorts of topics. You can learn more about Haeng on his website: and you can reach him via email at


Rebecca Van Der Jagt
Harlem Ivy Assistant Media Specialist

Becca grew up in Warwick, New York and graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2011. She is certified to teach English at the secondary level and hopes to teach on an American Indian Reservation in the Southwest after finishing her Master's degree in Sociology and Education at Teachers College. She is very excited to be involved with the Harlem Ivy program due to her interest in participating in meaningful enrichment activities for students in Harlem.

Becca is also an aspiring writer and spends her free time writing and reading fiction. She published her first book in February of 2011 and looks forward to publishing another one in future. Becca also rows for the Teaneck Rowing Club and plays the singing saw.


Emily Zemke
Harlem Ivy Advisor

Emily Zemke is the Associate Director of School Partnerships in the Office of School and Community Partnerships at Teachers College. Emily was crucial in writing the original grant proposal developing the Harlem Ivy Program and has been a wonderful supporter and champion of Harlem Ivy since its inception.

Originally from England, Emily now lives in Hamilton Heights, New York, just a few subway stops from the TC campus. She attended high school in Dosrset, England where her favorite subject was English followed closely by her second favorite subject, Art. Emily went to Cardiff University in Wales where she majored in English Literature.

Emily’s favorite thing about after-school is that it is a time for students to be creative and to explore things of interest outside of the structures of the school day. In her spare time Emily enjoys reading books, taking walks, and traveling. You can learn more about Emily here: and you can email Emily at


Eve Cardona
Harlem Ivy Administrative Assistant

Eve Cardona is the Administrative Assistant in the Office of School and Community Partnerships. Eve is crucial in helping the Harlem Ivy program run, from organizing rooms for the showcases finding volunteers to help sort Lego Robotics pieces to making sure that Harlem Ivy work is always on display in the office!

Eve is a native New Yorker and grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood of upper Manhattan. She currently resides in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood near Teachers College’s campus. Eve attended George Washington High School in Washington Heights where her favorite subject was English and Writing. After graduating from George Washington, Eve attended CUNY’s Bronx Community College where she received an Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies and an Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Psychology. Eve is currently in the process of choosing a college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Eve’s favorite thing about afterschool is that it gives children an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities they may never have done before or pursue interests they already enjoy. In her spare time Eve likes to spend time with her family and friends by enjoying the many wonderful parks and museums in the city or going out to a great restaurant. She is an active member of the PTA at her children’s schools, and also volunteers her time with organizations like Dress for Success. Eve can be emailed at