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Hollingworth Science Camp

The Camp Experience


Science Camp typically runs the month of July. 


Science Camp begins at 8:30 a.m. each day, Monday through Friday, and concludes at 3:15 p.m. A typical day for the campers includes interactive, developmentally appropriate, child-responsive activities. Daily activities vary depending on the age of the campers, but are typically chosen from the following:

Hands-on science lessons, investigations, observations and explorations

• Indoor and outdoor science experiments

• Free choice time for play, games, and building

• Outdoor play

• Creative arts

• Story time

• Lunch and snack


Field trips to sites in the surrounding metropolitan area related to our camp wide theme enhance the camper's experience. The children participate in two trips, which may include an aquarium visit, a nature center hike, or a museum tour. Each trip incorporates hands-on workshops, picnicking, and outdoor play. 


Campers participate in a range of physical activities throughout the program. Each day, weather permitting, the children picnic and play outdoors. Time outside might include a choice of free play and games. The optional organized games are low-keyed and emphasize cooperation.


Our Hollingworth campers move! Our movement program offers three choices. Campers elect one choice for the first half of camp and have the option to change for the second half of camp. Movement classes are scheduled three times a week and in the past have included circus moves, yoga, creative dance, and outdoor games.


The camp sponsors five special events. Three science events are introduced through which the campers explore scientific phenomena. Two additional events mark the culmination of the camp experience. A Science Expo affords the campers the opportunity to share their scientific inquiries and discoveries with parents and other special guests. This is followed by Science on Parade, during which the children march across main campus at 116th, carrying their art projects that reflect their topic of study.

Camp Quick Info

  • Camp Quick Info

    For information on how to apply to Science Camp 2016, please email