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The Hollingworth Center
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Past Programs

Service and Demonstration Programs

The Hollingworth Center's service and demonstration programs include the Global Village Book Talk Group for Children and Teachers, The Pakistani Gifted Child Development Project: An International Collaboration, Project APEX, the Preschool Staff Development Outreach Project, the Hollingworth Preschool, the Hollingworth Science Camp, the Hollingworth Science Outreach Program for Young Learners, and the Alumnae Book Talk Group. Each of these programs offers opportunities that nurture the talent development of the participants. Those served by the Center come from diverse backgrounds, many of whom are supported through scholarships or participate in non-fee-based programs.

The model programs of the Center offer pre-service and in-service educators the opportunity to design and field test innovative curricula and instructional strategies. These results are then disseminated to a broad range of schools and informal educational institutions. The Center hosts a number of visitors on an ongoing basis and the work of the Center is presented at national and international conferences annually.