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Preschool Staff Development

A central mission of The Hollingworth Center is to share its work with others in the community. Over the past 22 years, the Center has maintained a long tradition of providing institutes, forums,  workshops, and discussion groups for educators who seek to design programs that foster the self-confidence, capabilities, creativity, and curiosity of all young children. We have joined with 160 early childhood educators in Region Ten's Universal Pre-kindergarten Program in an effort to nurture the talents of all of their four-year-old children. Sustaining developmentally appropriate preschools is a challenging task as teachers reconcile the multifaceted needs of the children with the expectations of kindergartens. Staff development is critical as these professionals grapple with the ever-increasing demands of the pre-kindergarten classroom. As such, the Center hosts workshops on topics relevant to early childhood educators and parents. These sessions are free of charge to the attendees and their schools, and are facilitated by the Hollingworth staff and graduate students.