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Working Knowledge:
Work-Based Learning and Education Reform

by Thomas R. Bailey, Katherine L. Hughes,
and David Thornton Moore

With a chapter by Joshua Haimson and Jeanne Bellotti,
of Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

"Based on over five years of research on work-based learning in high school and community college programs across the country, Working Knowledge explores the potential for using work-based learning as part of a broad education reform strategy. Bailey, Hughes, and Moore synthesize a historical overview of work-based learning and its place in policy-making with the experiences of teachers and students, resulting in a dynamic account of the state of work-based learning and its significance for the field of education."

Pub Date: 2004, 246 pages. Publisher: RoutledgeFalmer
ISBN: 0-415-94566-6 (pbk.) 0-415-94565-8 (hbk.)

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