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The Metropolitan School Study Council is a 63-year-old organization that represents a network of 22 tri-state area school districts and Teachers College and is dedicated to current analysis of educational issues, curriculum innovation, and school improvement. MSSC strives to link theory with practice by promoting and creating forums for dialogue between the College and the schools in which so many of our graduates are teachers and leaders. MSSC is an activist network, providing professional development to teachers and administrators to improve their schools. The superintendents, principals, and teachers of our member districts are committed to the network and recognize the possibilities that exist for us all in creating a professional collaborative community. The work of the Council focuses on staff development in areas of interest to our member districts. MSSC is supported by Teachers College and by member school districts dues.

MSSC was organized in 1941 by Professor Paul Mort. Although it grew out of a superintendents’ workshop, the needs of the war years led the organization to turn its attention to the broader school problems. From there it grew in terms of numbers of member districts, participation of the staff in these districts, and the nature of the issues studied. One of the primary purposes of MSSC is the nurturing and support of member districts committed to initiating strong educational programs. The member districts maintain high standards of excellence and are actively involved in curriculum innovation and school improvement.
The regional school study council pioneered by MSSC has become a model for more than 50 such councils throughout the United States. It provides, in a single agency, the structure for deliberate efforts to address contemporary issues on a cooperative basis. Doctoral students at Teachers College have obtained field experience in their graduate work through serving the needs to member school districts. A collaboration between a major research university and practitioners in the field, MSSC provides a forum for the interrelationship of the world of theory and the world of practice.

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