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(Re)Thinking Educational Aims

Every generation needs to consider the aims of education anew. In today's schools, it seems to be assumed that the main aim of education is economic--a good job for individuals and economic prosperity for the nation. However, the aims of education in a liberal democracy properly include far more than economic well-being. We'll discuss some important aims and their relation to the expressed needs of students.

About Dr. Noddings -

Nel Noddings is among the leading figures in the field of Educational Philosophy.

She is Professor of Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and the Lee L. Jacks Professor of Child Education Emerita at Stanford University. She also holds the John W. Porter Chair in Urban Education at Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Noddings is renowned in both education and philosophy for her promotion of the “ethics of care,” an argument that caring should be a foundation for ethical decision-making. Dr. Noddings describes herself as a feminist ethicist and a philosopher of education.

Dr. Noddings is the author of nine books and the editor of five more. Happiness and Education (2003), Education Moral People (2002), and The Challenge to Care in Schools (1992) are some of the most popular reads for students and scholars of educational philosophy. A more complete bibliography is listed to the left. (Click on the book images for more information.)

Dr. Noddings’ career in education has spanned five decades, beginning as a middle grades and high school math teacher before moving to educational administration and higher education. She is an award-winning teacher — having won the Excellence in Teaching Award at Stanford in 1981, 1982 and 1997 — and an accomplished scholar.

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