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Teacher Outreach


In response to member requests for information and their workshop suggestions, we would like to offer the following resources. Teachers College is one of the largest and most prominent schools of education in the world. MSSC wants to serve as an information portal for our members. The links found in the TC Resources section are to organizations, centers, and institutions directly related to Teachers College. Some are strictly informational; others provide activities, contacts and opportunities for active involvement.

If there is a topic of great interest that you do not see listed here and would like information on, please contact Dorothy Tancredi.

District Expertise

MSSC members often have expertise that would be valuable to constituents in other districts. Our districts are often on the cutting edge of education reform and the implementation of new strategies in teaching. These topics have run the gamut, ranging from models for differentiated instruction to technology-based learning projects.

If your district/school is currently involved in a program or project that you want to share, let us know. If you are interested in finding out how neighboring districts are approaching certain challenges and topics, please let us know. We will post your queries here and, when possible, put you directly in touch with districts that have strategies to share and/or are interested in inter-district collaboration.

In the past, we have been fortunate to have MSSC workshops that were devoted to the sharing of these practices, which increased communication between member districts and the development of innovative practices. We have previously had MSSC members from Scarsdale, Westport, Ridgewood and others share their work.

If you are interested in leading a MSSC workshop or would like to recommend someone else, please contact Nicole Fleming.

Post-Workshop Development

When faced with the next day's lesson plan, or a seemingly endless stream of meetings, even the most inspiring ideas and practices often get tabled in response to the looming responsibilities of our daily lives. Without continued support and contact, it can be difficult to implement new practices or strategies.
MSSC provides ongoing support to members who attended Spring 2004 workshops by communicating directly with them to discuss strategies for implementation. Our goal is to tap into resources here at Teachers College, and through our website, that will help members utilize what they have learned in sessions.


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