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Jumpstart on College and Careers: Dual Enrollment Research, Policies, and Effective Practice

A Lunchtime Forum and Discussion by American Youth Policy Forum and National Center for Postsecondary Research 


Increasingly dual enrollment is becoming a strategy to support and encourage more students into postsecondary education. In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of dual enrollment model specifically serving students who previously had not considered themselves college-bound. Many of these programs have effectively provided both academic and technical dual credit courses to student populations traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

Recent research from the Community College Research Center on dual enrollment programs in Florida and New York City indicates these programs have been an effective strategy, particularly for males and low-income students, to support access and subsequent success in postsecondary education. Presenters will discuss the findings and implications from this work as it relates to federal and state policy as well as practice. In addition, presenters will provide an overview of the dual enrollment programs examined in this research.

Florida has a strong history of supporting a variety of dual enrollment programs. Florida law encourages collaboration between K-12 and postsecondary systems, including requiring all community colleges and four-year state universities to offer dual enrollment classes to high school students. All high school students meeting the eligibility requirements of a minimum GPA (unweighted 3.0 GPA for academic credit and an unweighted 2.0GPA for vocational courses) and passing scores on the college placement exams have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment courses.

College Now (CN) is a partnership between City University of New York (CUNY) and New York City Department of Education that provides students an opportunity to participate in no-cost college coursework (developmental/remedial and credit-bearing), Regents/SAT prep workshops, and summer programs with the goal of ensuring all students are college-ready upon high school graduation. Classes and workshops are offered in more than 240 New York City (NYC) public high schools through programs based on all 17 CUNY undergraduate campuses. Students can receive college credit for some of the coursework, while other offerings lead to elective high school credit or are developmental courses that lead to college credit course-taking eligibility. College Now, which began at Kingsborough Community College more than 20 years ago, was expanded to a CUNY-wide program in 1999–2000 and has grown significantly since then. This partnership between CUNY and the New York City Department of Education has evolved without any state-level policies supporting dual enrollment. College Now is part of CUNY’s Collaborative Programs, which is comprised of various partnerships with the NYC secondary school system.

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Type: Conferences & Seminars

Location: Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Date & Time: 9/26/2008, 11:45:00 AM - 1:30:00 PM