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Impact of a Texas Summer Bridge on Developmental Students' Outcomes

This presentation discussed findings from an experimental investigation into a developmental summer bridge program for recent high school graduates. A comparison between program students and a control group revealed no difference in fall enrollment and total credits attempted; however, there was a significant difference in the types of credits students enrolled in, with program students enrolling in fewer developmental courses and more college-level courses. Implications of this finding were discussed in the presentation.

--Heather Wathington, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
--Elisabeth A. Barnett, Senior Research Associate, Teachers College, Columbia University
--Joshua Pretlow, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Virginia

Download the PDF.

Type: Lectures & Talks

Location: New Orleans Marriott, Blaine Kern Ballroom F, New Orleans, LA

Date & Time: 4/8/2011, 3:30:00 PM - 5:00:00 PM