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New NCPR Report on Learning Communities

The Effects of Learning Communities for Students in Developmental Education: A Synthesis of Findings from Six Community Colleges

Mary G. Visher, Michael J. Weiss, Evan Weissman, Timothy Rudd, and Heather D. Wathington, with Jedediah Teres and Kelley Fong

July 18, 2012

This is the final report of an impact study on one-semester learning communities and includes findings from analyses that pool data across five project programs as well as the results for developmental education students at a sixth program at Kingsborough Community College, operated earlier under MDRC’s Opening Doors demonstration. Across the six programs, almost 7,000 students were randomly assigned, about half into 174 learning communities, and tracked for three semesters. On average, the programs produced a modest impact on credits earned.

Download the Full Report (PDF) | Download the Executive Summary (PDF)