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Center for Opportunities & Outcomes for People with Disabilities

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The Center for Opportunities and Outcomes for People with Disabilities is involved in a number of research, evaluation and program development activities that relate to our mission and priorities.  

Dr. Linda Hickson & Dr. Ishita Khemka

Research and Curriculum Development on Decision Making

Ongoing research studies are underway to better understand how adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism make decisions in a wide range of situations. Data were collected with 60 adults with intellectual disabilities and autism to evaluate the effectiveness of the most recent version of the ESCAPE-DD curriculum. In addition, data were collected with 23 adolescents with intellectual disabilities and autism to assess the effectiveness of a newly developed intervention designed to foster effective decision making in situations involving negative peer pressure and bullying. This project involved needs assessment with parents and school staff, pre-assessments with the adolescents, and feedback sessions with parents and staff.

Dr. Hsu-Min Chiang

A Saturday Enrichment Program for Chinese-American Children with Autism and their Families


A Saturday enrichment program is designed for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and their parents. This program offered by Teachers College, Columbia University and Chinese Christian Herald Crusades Autism Ministry aims to (a) improve communication skills, social skills, and adaptive behavior in Chinese-American children with ASDs, and (b) decrease parental stress, increase parental confidence, and increase quality of life in Chinese-American parents of children with ASDs.

Dr. Christine E. Pawelski

Child Abuse and Children with Disabilities Program Development and Advocacy 

Since the 1980s, the New York State's Department of Social Services and its Children's Justice Task Force program efforts have consistently identified children with disabilities as a vulnerable population for child abuse in all of its forms.  As a result, it provided support for the development of a CD-ROM on the issues in 2006 and in 2007 this was launched as a website. By Spring of 2015 the site was revised and updated to a new location with "free" training materials available with LOGON  Child Abuse and Children with Disabilities  The Team also established the Child Abuse Action Network (DCAAN - whose mission is the ongoing policy development, training and research in this critical area highlighting some national researchers in the area who share their materials. In 2012 the Project Team also piloted the initiation of the Future Child Advocates - i.e. the institution of university student/clubs on college campuses focusing on anti-bullying and child abuse prevention activities (FCA -