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 Throughout the years, Teachers College faculty and affiliates have engaged in a variety of international program initiatives in order to assist in the enhancement of services and supports for children with disabilities and their families.  Projects have involved study tours, professional development events and curriculum/policy design.  Listed below are a few of them.

Cyprus - In July, 2001 the O&O Center faculty and staff hosted at Teachers College educational delegates from Cyprus and they participated in a two-week --Institute for Special Needs for Cypriot Educators. The Institute was funded by a bicommunal program, AmidEast for purposes of sharing information and learning about the special education system.  Lectures, site visits to local schools, along with a series of policy development and strategic planning sessions occurred throughout the weeks.
Linda Hickson, Ph.D.

Ireland - In July, 2006 the O&O Center faculty and staff in collaboration with Abilities! on Long Island, NY hosted a two-week--Ireland Teacher Institute which was sponsored by Abilities!   Twelve teachers, therapists and administrators from Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin joined with faculty and staff of Abilities!, the Henry Viscardi School, Kornreich Technology Center and TC faculty and students in sharing information and "best practices" in areas of assistive/instructional technology, school and community transition especially for students with severe physical disabilities and other health impairments. Field visits, skill development  sessions occurred throughout the weeks.  A "fact finding" team from NY visited the Ireland programs prior to the Institute.
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Saudi Arabia - In 2009 the O&O Center staff and affiliates worked with Dar Al Hekma faculty - a private women's college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - to build a Master's program in Special Education, with concentrations in Learning Disabilities, Autism, School Supervision, and Assessment of Exceptional Children.
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