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Applicant FAQs

Is the Peace Corps Fellows Program as challenging as Peace Corps?

As Fellows routinely will tell you, "If you think Peace Corps was the -'toughest job you'll ever love,' think again." The inherent challenges of urban teaching and graduate coursework at Teachers College necessitate strong time management skills, patience, and most importantly, a sense of humor. The challenges in the program are both grueling and exhilarating.

If I already have valid teaching certification (in New York or other states), can I apply to the Peace Corps Fellows Program and pursue a master's degree in a different teaching area?

Yes. New York City students need qualified teachers, which is why our program exists. Please apply. Your course schedule may be somewhat different from other Fellows in your program.

What type of New York State certification do Peace Corps Fellows have?

By the time they start teaching in September, Peace Corps Fellows will have passed the ALST and CST in their subject area and will have New York State Transitional B Certification in their teaching fields. Some Fellows already have certification in other states.
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