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Interviews, School Observations, and Seminar Visits

The Peace Corps Fellows Program strongly recommends that all applicants who are seriously considering attending Teachers College schedule an interview and a school observation. The best time to visit is anytime from September to early February. Typically, an applicant will observe a fellow teaching in the morning or afternoon and interview with a staff member afterward.  The Peace Corps Fellows Seminar attendance is optional, but applicants who have been able to attend all three obligations in one day generally find it very helpful and informative.


The applicant will be interviewed by the Director or Assistant Director of the Peace Corps Fellows Program. Please bring your resume and any other supplementary materials you wish to share with your interviewer. The interview is approximately one-hour long.  Interviews via Skype or phone can also be arranged for applicants who are unable to visit between September and February.

School Observations

The Peace Corps Fellows Program strongly recommends that all applicants inquire about scheduling a school visit with a current fellow teaching in the subject and grade level the applicant is applying for.  During the visit, the applicant will have the opportunity to ask the current fellow questions about the program, New York City Schools, time management, courses at Teachers College, etc.  It would be helpful to prepare a set of questions for the current fellow before the school observation.

Peace Corps Fellows Seminars

The current Peace Corps Fellows are required to attend Professional Development Seminars that are held once a month. Seminar topics range from classroom management to service-learning methods to New York State Certification. These seminars change every year and are tailored to the specific needs of the Fellows.  Applicants are welcome to observe the seminars and meet other fellows in the intended program.  Please contact program staff to obtain upcoming seminar dates.
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Interview & School Observations
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