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Mentoring and Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mentoring  FAQs

How many times will my mentor visit me?
Mentors will visit first year fellows a total of 10 times a year (5 per semester). Second year fellows will receive 6 visits a year (3 per semester).

What can I expect from a visit?
A pre-observation conference should take place at the school site or over the phone one or two days beforehand.
The observation should consist of an actual lesson or teaching episode/interaction where the teacher is actively engaged with learners.
A post-observation discussion should take place at the school site (if convenient), at Teachers College, or over the phone

How is feedback from an observation given?
Mentors are required to complete a log or evaluation form for each observation. All fellows should get a copy of the log during the fall semester. However, during the spring, fellows will not automatically be given copies of their evaluations unless they are requested. Evaluations done during the spring will determine a fellow’s ability to receive institutional recommendation from Teachers College upon graduation.

What can I expect from my mentor?
Mentors are assigned to all first and second year fellows to provide support and guidance in the classroom and assistance with curriculum development in addition to professional growth.

How will the roles of the mentor change during the school year?
Mentors are asked to be non-judgmental during the fall semester they are to serve as a guide and resource for fellows. However, during the spring semester, mentors put on an additional hat and are asked to evaluate lessons observed in the classroom.

What should I do if I am not assigned a mentor?
If no mentor is assigned to you because of a shortage, we ask for your patience until one is assigned to you.

What should I do if there are irresolvable issues with my mentor?
First, please try to speak honestly with your mentor about your concerns. If the situation or problem continues, contact Elizabeth Bishop at or 212-678-4025.

Do I have to have a mentor if I am a second year fellow?
Yes, mentors are required to visit second year fellows a total of 6 times a year.

Can I or my school waive my mentoring?
Mentoring is a requirement of our program that grants our Fellows Transitional B Certification.  It is our obligation to support new teachers and part of our agreement with the State to provide institutional support.

What is required for institutional recommendation after the completion of the second year as a fellow?

A high level of engagement in the program, i.e. attendance at seminars, positive evaluations by the PC mentor/supervisor, success in the completion of TC coursework, passing scores on teacher certification tests, and completion of AmeriCorps paperwork all affect a fellow’s ability to be recommended by Teachers College.

Mentoring and Support