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Winter Roundtable Conference Director

Marie L. Miville, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Psychology and Education, Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Professor Miville received her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park. Her doctoral work focused on identity development among Latinos and Latinas. Dr. Miville also developed one of the first scales to examine positive or nonprejudicial social attitudes towards others, the Miville-Guzman Universality-Diversity Scale (M-GUDS); this scale measures attitudes of awareness and acceptance of the similarities and differences between people. Professor Miville has conducted research and developed workshops exploring the impact of oppression and privilege as based on various aspects of identity, including race, culture, and gender, among populations of color. More recent work has focused on cross-cultural understandings of gender and gender roles.

Dr. Miville is the author of over 50 journal articles and book chapters dealing with multicultural issues in counseling and psychology. She is the Editor of the Around the Winter Roundtable Forum in The Counseling Psychologist and is currently serving or has served on several editorial boards, including Journal of Counseling Psychology, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Assessment, and Training and Education in Professional Psychology. Most recently, Dr. Miville served as Chair of the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP) and Co-Chair of the joint Division 17/CCPTP Special Task Group that developed the Integrative Training Model, a competency-based model integrating multiple aspects of diversity. Dr. Miville also helped to develop the Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity (, and was among a group of authors who won the "2009 Major Contribution Award" for a series of articles about the statement published in The Counseling Psychologist.  She is the Historian for the National Latina/o Psychology Association and Faculty Advisor of the Teachers College student organization, Coalition of Latino/a Scholars. Dr. Miville is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 17 and 45) and is the recently appointed Vice President for Education and Training for Division 17.