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Swallowing, Voice and Neuroimaging Laboratory
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Swallowing, Voice and Neuroimaging Laboratory 

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Voice Disorders

BBSQ 5113  Voice Disorders

The course covers information on the normal anatomy, physiology and neurophysiology of the human respiratory and vocal mechanisms, i.e. the mechanisms we need to produce voice; and on the nature, causes, and clinical diagnosis and management procedures for both functional and organic voice disorders, including laryngectomy.

Students practice on evaluating voice samples and writing diagnostic reports and participate in interactive role-plays to understand all the different voice therapy approaches. Special issues on head and neck cancer, tracheostomy, and the professional voice are also included in the course. Students are also required to create a personal Voice Diagnosis and Treatment Handbook which they can use as future clinicians.

The course is offered by Dr. Malandraki every spring semester.