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Teachers College, Columbia University
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April 24, 2006 Conference


"Ways of Doing: Re-Conceptualizing Research Practices in Arts and Humanities"

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Ways of Doing - Spencer Grant Training Program

John Broughton

John Broughton is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Education within the Department of Arts and Humanities at Teachers College, Columbia University. He was the co-founder of the Film and Education Research Center with Kelvin Shawn Sealey, here at Teachers College.

After a career in journalism, he began his studies at Cambridge University in the field of psychology. He earned both his B.A. and a Masters of Arts at Cambridge. Upon graduation, Broughton moved on to continue his studies at Harvard University. At the center of his Harvard studies were the worldviews and moral development of adolescents. The title of his dissertation at Harvard was: The Development of Natural Epistemology in Adolescence and Early Adulthood.

Professor Broughton's interests include theory, method and research in the emerging field of cultural studies in education. Within his instruction, Broughton views mass culture and school culture as learning environments interpreted from arts and humanities perspectives. Vital to his theoretical center are structuralism/post-structuralism, semiotics, discourse and film analysis, as well as psycho-analysis, identity politics, feminism and queer theory. In his course on gender and violence, students explore how literal and symbolic violence shape gender formation and the role of aggression in the lives of men and women. Racism, homophobia, child-abuse, date-rape, demonism, guns and bombs are investigated through the lenses of both reality and art. Because of the range of interests of the students in the Department, his classroom techniques have expanded to the use of music, advertising, magazines, video games, television shows, and the Internet. He currently teaches courses that explore cultural studies, media and visual culture, youth culture, popular culture, and gender and violence.

Selected Publications

Broughton, J. Critical Theories of Psychological Development . Plenum Press
Broughton, J. Smart weapons and military TV, Technoscience and Cyberculture
Broughton, J. The experience of the father, Insights
Broughton, J. Hollywood ultraviolence as educator Psychoanalysis and Education
Broughton, J. What the transgender child teaches us. Bank Street College Occasional Papers.