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Good Moods Through Plant-based Foods

Making half your plate fruits & veggies boosts mood…and more. (04/26/2017)

Let's Get Moving!

Climbing to the head of the class. Move more and score. (04/19/2017)

Antibiotic-Free. The New Way to Be?

Largest US chicken producer takes a step in the right direction. (04/12/2017)

A Call to End Dieting? It’s About Time.

Make peace with food to become the healthiest you.  (3/06/2017)

Full Plates. Empty Promises.

Fast food restaurants serving up empty promises when it comes to healthy options.  (01/17/2017)

New Food Label: Sweet or not so much?

New food labels coming in 2018.  Why wait?  Smart ideas on small-sizing-it-now.  (05/30/2016)

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What is Chatfood?

CHATFood is an online resource that provides weekly BuzzFood posts on news stories that get parents and tweens chatting and taking action.

Getting ready to go into middle school is a big step. Tweens become more independent and spend more time with friends. This is an important time for families to have thoughtful, mutually respectful conversations about healthy eating and physical activity.

A simple chat today may lead to healthy habits for a lifetime.