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Faculty and Staff


The Columbia Coaching Certification Program applies a scholar/practicum framework in inform our approach to executive and organizational coaching. We have assembled a highly experienced, competent and effective team that includes Columbia faculty, alumni, and certified professional coaches.

In addition, during the practicum period we invite guests from the broader coaching community to conduct 2-hour elective sessions that include coaching demonstrations in their areas of expertise.

Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia
Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia is a faculty member for the Department of Organization and Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University, where he is teaching courses in collective intelligences in organizations (i.e., emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and cultural intelligence), qualitative data analysis, strategic learning and leadership.

He is also the Director of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, a strategic partnership between the Corporation Learning Solutions Group at Teachers College and Executive Education The Columbia Business School.

Coaching Program Core Instructor Team

Dr. Anne Power
PowerDr. Anne Power has over twenty-five years of experience working nationally and internationally to facilitate the sustained development of individuals and teams in both private and public sector organizations. She is a consultant and executive coach to a wide variety of clients, as well as a mentor coach to coaches-in-training. She provides short term and ongoing consulting and coaching to private and public sector executives and elected officials.

Anne directed an urban school system administering a $300 million budget, while serving on the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education and as Board President. She recently served as a member of the strategic initiative team that developed a Coaching Center of Excellence at Columbia University.  She co-authored A Leaders Guide to Leveraging Diversity for Strategic Performance, as part of a six book series on Strategic Learning coordinated by the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College.

John P. Schuster, PCC
PowerJohn P. Schuster, PCC, began coaching in 1988 when, as a facilitator of CEO learning groups for what is now Vistage, conducting monthly intensive one-on-ones, (as then called), with CEO members. With hundreds of hours in this setting he helped pioneer the conversation-based development processes that we now know as coaching. He is a business mentor with Merryck and Co., a CEO mentoring firm based in London and the U.S. He serves as a senior faculty member of the coaching certification program at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.

John P. Schuster is sought by established corporations, government, nonprofits and entrepreneurs for his executive Leadership expertise and knowledge. He is the founding partner of The Schuster Kane Alliance,Inc. a consulting firm began in 1981. Since he founded this business, John has helped enterprises from strategic planning to leadership development, to engaging the workforce. His company is known for its ability to connect soft people skills with hard business results.

David Matthew Prior, MCC
PriorDavid Matthew Prior, MCC, BCC, is an executive coach who specializes in leadership development for senior managers and their teams, with a concentration in the leadership pipeline. His 15 years of corporate coaching has included work with a range of leadership levels (C-level, Senior VP, VP, Director, Manager) in a multiplicity of industries, including coaching assignments with L'Oreal, Maersk, BNP Paribas, Nokia, LEGO, Nokia Siemens Network, HBO, Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, Newmont Mining,Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Johnson & Johnson, LifeCell, Integra, Weleda NA, and Omgeo. 

David builds trust quickly with his clients though a skillful blend of intuition and emotional intelligence, complemented by his coaching credibility as a known entity within the coaching profession.

Dr. Rachel Ciperon
CiperonAs a coach and facilitator Dr. Ciporen works with executives across multiple industries and specializes in helping leaders stretch beyond their habitual thinking, relating, and problem solving patterns. In addition to her private consulting practice, she works in Columbia Business School's Emerging Leaders, Senior Executive, High Impact Leadership, Personal and Social Intelligence, and Not-for-Profit Management programs. She has been working in Columbia's executive education programs since 2004.

Prior to working as an executive coach and consultant, Dr. Ciporen worked at a community mental health center in Seattle, Washington. As a manager responsible for staff training, she began exploring the impact of team and organizational climate on individual and group performance. While in Seattle she also led trainings on cross cultural competence, conflict resolution, leadership development, and team building with the National Coalition Building Institute.

Dr. Tanya Faude-Koivisto
Tanya Faude-Koivisto is an international executive coach and organization development consultant. She has corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit clients in the US, Europe, and Asia. Her approach emphasizes intercultural dynamics, systemic thinking, Gestalt principles and the application of newest findings in psychology and neuroscience to the field of organizational and individual development.
She has fifteen years of experience in human development including internal and external work as executive coach and consultant. Her work focuses on leadership development, intercultural competence and family-owned businesses. As a researcher, she has been involved in the fields of motivational, goal and health psychology. 

Columbia Faculty

Dr. Caryn J. Block

BlockDr. Caryn Block has been working with Executive Education Programs at Columbia Business School since 1997. Her executive education work includes teaching sessions on Managing Organizational Change and Creating Work Group Climates that Promote Learning. In addition, she coaches executives using multi-rater feedback on improving their capacity to lead.

She also facilitates small groups of executives to create a climate where they can share their experiences of leadership dilemmas and learn from one another. She has been a faculty member in programs such as the High Impact Leadership Program, the Emerging Leader Development Program, the Columbia Senior Executive Program, the Fundamentals of Management Program, the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management Program, and the New Principals Leadership Development Program, which she also directed.

Dr. Debra A. Noumair
Dr. Debra A. Noumair is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College Columbia University. In addition, Dr. Noumair is Director of Executive Education Programs in Organization Development sponsored by Teachers College Columbia University. A licensed psychologist in the State of New York, Dr. Noumair maintains a private practice of organization consultation and executive coaching.

Debra is also on the core faculty of leadership development programs sponsored by Columbia University Business School, the Mercer-Delta Executive Learning Center, and Simmons School of Management. Using multi-rater feedback, Debra coaches senior executives at such companies as Avon, Bovis Lend Lease, Exxon-Mobil, Ericsson, KONE, M&T Bank, and Time Warner. At Simmons School of Management, she coaches women leaders at Deloitte, Eli Lilly, and Time Warner.

Joel Brockner
Joel is the Chairman of the Management Division at Columbia Business School, and he also is the Faculty Director of the highly regarded executive education program at Columbia Business School, entitled High Impact Leadership. In addition, he has served as an expert witness, and he has consulted to a variety of organizations (including Citigroup, ConocoPhillips, Eastman Kodak, IXIS Capital Markets, MBNA, Pfizer, State Farm Insurance, Southern New England Telephone, and Stratus Technologies) about the planning and implementation of significant organizational change, leadership development, decision making, and negotiation behavior.

Professor Brockner is a leading authority on a variety of psychological issues in the workplace, including change management (e.g., the effects of layoffs on the productivity and morale of survivors), leadership, decision-making, the role of the self and cross-cultural differences in work behavior. He has published two books (one on decision making in "sunk cost" situations and the other on the causes and consequences of employees' self esteem). In addition, he has published more than 100 articles and book chapters in a variety of prestigious outlets, including Administrative Science Quarterly, the Harvard Business Review, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology to name a few.


Eugene Chang                                                                                  
Eugene serves as the  program assistant for the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Prior to joining CCCP, Eugene worked for the New York City Economic Development Corporation as a graduate research assistant. He also worked as a graduate intern for the Mayor's Office of Adult Education. 

Eugene graduated cum laude  with a Bachelor's of Science in Finance and a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University.  He also received his Master's of Science in Applied Statistics from Teachers College, Columbia University. Currently he is pursuing his doctorate in the Economics of Education.

 Nathan Gerard                                                                                    Nathan Gerard is currently a 5th year doctoral student in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. Nathan holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from Kings College London and a BA from Tufts University. While in the UK, Nathan was a Visiting Scholar at London Business School and worked extensively in the healthcare industry (public and charitable sector). Nathan's scholarly work has appeared in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, and Ephemera, among other journals. Nathan currently consults to healthcare organizations in the US.


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