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Upcoming Advance Offering > New Advanced Offerings

Upcoming Advance Offering

New Advanced Program Offerings for Executive and Organizational Coaches

We are excited to enter our 5th year of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program (CCCP). During this time we've had the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from coaches literally from all over the world. As our learning community continues to expand, combined with a commitment to continuous professional development, we are pleased to announce a series of advanced program offerings that go beyond the coach foundations introduced during CCCP. 

Two Program Categories:

  1. Certification Workshops - offered in partnership with various vendors of assessments designed to expand course tool kit in the areas of situation analysis and feedback
  2. Advanced Topics - lead by seasoned coaching professionals, many of them authors, with intent of taking the coaching foundations to deeper levels of understanding and competence - as well as, expand the coaches' range of approaches

Two Delivery Platforms:

  1. Online - where possible we try to offer advanced workshop via "Adobe Connect" to met the needs of working professionals working all over the world 
  2. On-ground - these are hosted on the Columbia campus.

Below are links for our upcoming workshops:

Customized NBI Certification Program for Coaches - November 20, December 4, 10, & 18, 2013 (Online)

Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop - January 14 & 15, 2014

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