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Teachers College Community School (TCCS)
Teachers College, Columbia University
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TC Partnership

TC Capacity
TC’s commitment and capacity to develop a new school is very strong. The College has a long legacy of supporting schools in New York City going back to the establishment of the Speyer School in 1903. More recently, TC and the DOE established the Heritage School in East Harlem in 1997. Forging deeper and more coordinated relationships with New York City public schools is one of TC president Susan Fuhrman’s key priorities. In 2007, the College established the Office of School and Community Partnerships to build, expand and leverage TC involvement in area schools. Under the auspices of the Office, TC has raised more than $15 million to support school partnerships. The College’s Harlem STEM Partnership is currently working to transform the teaching of science and math in ten schools in upper Manhattan, and the Harlem Ivy program offers after school enrichment at four Harlem schools, in collaboration with five community-based organizations. More than 150 students a year are engaged in direct service to Harlem Schools through the Office of School and Community Partnerships. President Fuhrman and Associate Vice President Nancy Streim previously created a very successful PreK-8 university assisted public neighborhood school in Philadelphia, which serves as a model for developing the new school in Harlem.

TC Role
Teachers College has an ongoing role in the school's operation and will share accountability for student success. To ensure and sustain its success, Teachers College participates with the school in the following broad ways:


§  Assist in the ongoing development and evaluation of curriculum

§  Advise the principal on staffing and allocation of resources

§  Participate in school governance and planning

§  Provide professional development for teachers

§  Connect the school with university and community resources for student academic enrichment and comprehensive family support

§  Build and share new knowledge through educational research and teacher preparation at TC

§  Assist the school to develop community programming to support children and families

§  Raise funds to support the school


The Heritage School
Office of School and Community Partnerships
Harlem STEM Partnership
Harlem Ivy
Reading and Math Buddies