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MathCamp: Integrating the Common Core Shifts into Mathematics Instruction

July 6, 2015 - July 17, 2015

MathCampIntegrating the Common Core Shifts into Mathematics Instruction
Elementary School Educators: July 6 - 10, 2015  SOLD OUT!!!
Middle School Educators: July 13 - 17, 2015

Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm each day
Location: Teachers College, Columbia University
For more information, please email or call us at: and 212-678-3381


The goal of MathCamp is to help teachers apply the shifts specified by the Common Core Mathematics Standards into their classroom instruction. We will deepen not only your content knowledge but also the critical pedagogical content knowledge which leads to richer explanations and more complete representations, all of which strengthen the foundations of mathematical meaning.‌

Are you ready to teach the Common Core in mathematics? Are you using the same methods you always have for teaching mathematics? Are you hearing your lessons are too procedural, students are not fully engaged, there are no opportunities for student input, or there is no writing to confirm student understanding? Then we have a solution for you.

Join us during the fun, 5-day intensive program that helps teachers apply the shifts specified by the Common Core Mathematics Standards into their classroom instruction. Fully explore mathematics in a variety of unique and hands-on ways.

We will demonstrate strategies that promote fluency and deeper understanding for ALL students. We will examine the coherence shift to see why it is so important particularly in mathematics and how its application improves student understanding. We will help you get out of your math rut; i.e., teaching topics the way you always have. 

Most teachers and administrators have attended workshops and state presentations on the new Common Core Mathematics Standards, but how many teachers have actually modified lessons to support these standards? One year later, many teachers are still uncomfortable with the change in instruction necessary to begin to embrace these shifts. Because the shift to more meaningful instruction is as much cultural as it is through lesson design, teachers need time to reflect on content, practice and assessments to embrace the spirit of the Common Core. Change cannot happen without reflection on current practice.  It also cannot happen during the school day or at a one-hour afternoon workshop.

MathCamp provides teachers with time for reflection, deeper understanding of the shifts detailed in the standards, mathematical pedagogical knowledge that will improve their instruction, and an appreciation of the shift to dual intensity. 

Participants will engage in sample lessons and strategies that align with the Common Core and have access to them through the MathCamp website so that they can be shared by teachers on the same grade level in their schools.

In addition, time is provided for rich discussion and demonstration focusing on the following classroom issues:

  • The key role manipulatives play in understanding place value, explaining the four core operations, and developing a fundamental understanding of the nature of fractions.
  • The use of visual models to engage multiple learning opportunities.
  • The use of stories to provide context and application.
  • Strategies to widen the meaning and understanding of fractions, ways to make fractions real.
  • The use of questioning to increase classroom engagement and student understanding.
  • The use of alternative strategies to enrich student learning and motivation.
  • Key strategies that address effective academic intervention.

We offer five intense days in a collaborative workshop environment with teachers from all over the country.  The goal of which is deeper understanding of mathematics and of ways to develop it with our students.  Each day we explore a different content area and develop it from early elementary to upper elementary or middle school.  In this way we can explore issues in AIS as well as enrichment.  All materials and sample lessons are referenced to CCSS and available online. 


  • BA or equivalent
  • Proof of English proficiency for all non-native speakers of English

D‌r. Peter Garrity is an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, Columbia University where he teaches Theories of Knowing and Learning Mathematics as well as elementary and secondary mathematics methods courses.

Dr. Garrity has developed an intensive five-day program, affectionately known as MathCamp where twice a year he works with elementary and secondary educators to  integrate effective strategies into their district's math program. Teachers from all over the United  States have attended his MathCamp program at Teachers College. He is the author of MathCamp.Com, a website containing over one hundred and fifty interactive math lessons for  elementary, middle school, secondary teachers. 

Dr. Garrity is a consultant to a number of school districts on Long Island and New York City. Recently his work has focused on helping these districts in aligning curriculum to the common core as well as integrating instructional strategies that bring ALL students to college and career readiness.

In the early seventies, he came to Teachers College to get his doctorate in Math Education, and hasn't stopped showing how applications can be exciting vehicles for people to understand the world of mathematics. He has taught all levels of students, in all types of learning environments, and has developed proven methods for the successful delivery of mathematics. He is the author of a book focused on mathematics applications in business:The Fast Forward MBA in Business Math, published by Wiley.

Participants will EARN 3 CEUs upon successful completion of the workshop.

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