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Strategic Agility in Practice:
Value Innovation for Academic Differentiation

October 2016

October 1, 2016 - October 1, 2016

Practical Tools for Catalyzing Strategic Mindsets for Innovation, Organizational Alignment, and Sustainable Superior Performance

Registration Fee Per Attendee: $1,295

Workshop is limited to 20 attendees

Teachers College, Columbia University
New York, NY
9:00am - 5:00pm EST

This 2-day experiential workshop provides participants with the tools and practices to effectively apply strategic thinking for institutional learning and creating innovative solutions that establish a sustainable advantage for their learning institutions.

The challenges of thinking and executing strategically have perhaps never been as pervasive as they are now.  In today's organizational environment characterized by intensifying change, uncertainty, and ambiguity, how do organizations create value in their rapidly changing environments?

Workshop Description
This 2-day program provides participants with the tools and practices to effectively apply strategic thinking for organizational learning and creating innovative solutions that establish a sustainable advantage for their organizations. The participants will leave with an enhanced ability and practical tools to apply these practices in their organizations.

Built around frameworks tested and applied in a range of organizational and institutional settings, this program develops participants for applying key strategic learning tools and practices for creating strategic insights, identifying the most important stakeholder or member of the stakeholder value chain, and fostering alignment for leading strategic change. 

SESSION TOPICS will include:

  • The implications of complexity and ambiguity for strategic thinking and innovation
  • Problems when organizations do not think strategically
  • Overcoming the paradox of experience: Key strategic learning practices
  • Understanding the real competitive advantage
  • Strategic Visualization and Innovation
  • The importance of understanding an organization’s value chain in developing effective strategies
  • Moving from a strategic mindset to organizational innovation, alignment and  strategy execution
  • Overcoming resistance to change

During the program you will learn and experience:

  • An improved capability for using strategic thinking tools and practices
  • Building enhanced capacity for strategic alignment
  • An approach for leading strategic conversations
  • Identifying the Most Important Stakeholder in your organization's Value Chain
  • A method for determining your organization's Value Curve to identify your strategic Elements of Performance
  • Finding your Strategic Mindset Skills and Competencies
  • Assessing your organization's strategic innovation culture

Key Takeaways include:

  • Enhanced capacity to think strategically and to learn from experience
  • Practical tools for thinking strategically and overcoming organizational barriers to gaining alignment and    execution
  • Heightened observation and questioning capability  to reveal strategic opportunities
  • A strategic mindset for creating breakthrough innovation and proving stakeholders value

Lyle Yorks

Professor, Department of Organization and Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University 

Lyle teaches courses in adult learning, strategy development as an organization learning process, strategic human resource development, and research. He is also a lecturer in the Executive Master of Science Program in Technology Management at the School of Professional Studies, Columbia University where he teaches a course in Strategic Advocacy. Lyle has over 30 years of experience working with organizations in diverse industries,including higher education, worldwide on projects involving action learning, strategic organizational change, and management development. Lyle earned his master degrees from Vanderbilt University and Columbia University and his doctorate from Columbia University.

Harold Penton

Founder and President of Innovation Insights
EMBA and Executive Education faculty at Louisiana State University College of Business

Harold is the Founder and President of Innovation Insights, a consultancy providing innovation and business strategy workshops, seminars and consulting services to corporations and institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia. He has guest lectured on innovation and strategy in Columbia’s Executive Master of Science Program in Technology Management in the School of Professional Studies, and at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Harold has a B.S. from Florida State University and a doctorate from Georgia Institute of Technology.

This Program is for high potential leaders that includes Principals, Superintendents, Administrators, and Executive Directors in positions requiring enhanced strategic thinking or are transitioning into new roles requiring them to move from making tactical to strategic decisions in an institutional environment of increasing complexity and ambiguity.

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