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Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

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Bilingual Bicultural Education Program

Multiple Sessions

July 9, 2018 - August 3, 2018

Where: Online asynchronous course

Units Awarded:
Participants receive 3 CEUs OR 30 clock hours OR 30 CTLEs (applicable only to NYS residents) per course.

Registration Fee: $1,200 
Purchase all four online non-credit courses in the Bilingual/Bicultural series for $3,600 - a $1,200 savings.

The four courses include:

  • Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
  • Cross-cultural Communication and Classroom Ecology
  • Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Settings
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Design in Elementary and Middle Schools: Social Studies

Cross-cultural Communication and Classroom Ecology

July 9 - August 3, 2018

Registration closes at 5:00pm EST on July 2, 2018

This course will allow participants to examine of the influence of culture in the design and implementation of school instruction. The course will also identify salient theoretical issues related to culture and social organization as they relate to the education of ethnolinguistic and minoritized children. In addition, students will engage in an exploration of the learning/teaching processes within the context of multicultural and bilingual classroom settings from a cultural perspective. Further reflection upon the role of the teacher in creating cultural learning environments will be included. Participants will survey research approaches which serve as tools to examine classroom interaction. The course will also consider the use of technology for exploring the knowledge of minoritized learners.


Sharon Chang

Dr. Sharon Chang is a Lecturer and Student Teaching/Practicum Coordinator in the Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program, Teachers College, Columbia University. She received her Ph.D. in Multicultural Education from the University of Washington. Working with ethnolinguistic communities has urged Dr. Chang to be a cultural broker and an advocate for historically marginalized and underrepresented students, making bilingual education and teacher preparation more equitable. Her scholarly interests are sociocultural perspectives of language pedagogy and learning, Chinese languages and linguistic diversity, Bilingual/Multicultural Teacher Education. Her research focuses on how languages (attitudes/ideologies), cultures, and ethnicities interact with the social process of racialization that influence students’ identities and their learning experiences, shaping teachers’ pedagogical practices and their dispositions.

Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Settings

Approaches to developing literacy in a second and native language in elementary and middle schools. Techniques for developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; developing language and literacy through the content areas; using children's literature; and assessing students' literacy development in the second and native language. Strategies to develop biliteracy in dual language programs.


Andrea García

Dr. Andrea García holds a Ph.D. in Language, Reading and Culture from the University of Arizona. Her scholarly work is dedicated to understanding and supporting language and literacy development of individuals who are living in multilingual and transnational communities, particularly when they have been identified as struggling with literacy. For fifteen years, Dr. García was an associate professor in the Literacy Studies program at Hofstra University, New York, where she also served as director of Hofstra University's Reading/Writing Learning Clinic. Dr. Garcia's research is grounded in sociocultural and psycholinguistic perspectives of literacy, and she has worked to create literature rich and inquiry-based learning spaces inside and outside of schools. She is originally from Mexico, where she currently works as an international literacy consultant. Dr. García is a member of the Executive Board for Worlds of Words in the University of Arizona and she serves as a literacy consultant for the Bilingual/Bicultural Education program in Teachers College.

Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education offers a historical overview of bilingual education. Emphasis is placed on social and linguistic theories underlying bilingual instructional models and the political context in which they function.

This course will give participants an opportunity to examine literature on the theoretical foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism. Participants will analyze the history and current state of bilingual education programs and the conversations around them. Participants will also examine narratives that explore the significance of growing up bilingually and biculturally. An emphasis will be placed on bilingual education and its place in the 21st century.


Estrella Olivares-Orellana

Dr. Estrella Olivares-Orellana is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her scholarly interests are in the areas of bilingual and bicultural education, science education in bilingual settings and the academic experiences of immigrant students. Currently, she is also a full-time bilingual science teacher at a high school in the suburbs of New York. Professor Olivares-Orellana received an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Teaching and an Ed.M. in International Educational Development both from Teachers College, Columbia University. She also received a B.S. in Biochemistry from SUNY Stony Brook. She is a native of Chile but lived many years in Argentina before migrating to the U.S. in 1994.

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