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Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

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TC CAP-Online (College Advising Program)

February 13, 2017 - May 23, 2017


Course Format: 15 Online Asynchronous Modules

The asynchronous model allows you to take courses as your schedule permits.

Course Duration: 15 weeks

Units: 3.5 Continuing Education Units  (CEU)

Registration Fee: $350 per participant - does not include any additional p-credit fee (if applicable) 

P-credits: Additional $125 per participant.
If your require p-credits, there is a $125 fee that is paid to ASPDP. For p-credit registration, please visit the ASPDP website:

Questions? Send an email to

More Information

School counselors, college access professionals, other educators, and community stakeholders play an integral role in the college application process. Students and families who are new to the college application and financial aid process often find themselves lost among forms, deadlines and higher education language that does not resonate with them. Students and families, espeically those in underserved high schools, are more likely to report feeling ill-prepared for this process. As a result, many of these students decide not to attend college or limit their possibilities to two-year or under-resourced colleges.

Dedicated counselors, educators, and other stakeholders who are specifically trained in college advisement can close the gap in knowledge around higher education. Counselors are vital to a student’s academic success because they demystify the college admissions process. TC CAP-online seeks to provide targeted curriculum on college advising, improve professional competence, and increase college opportunities for underserved high school students. This program will achieve this by:

  • offering a specialized curriculum in college advising with an emphasis on serving high performing and low income students
  • reducing the inequities in college attendance and graduation for underserved students by training culturally competent school counselors and advisors
  • creating strategic alliances and partnerships in the community to enhance outreach and service delivery
  • building a well-trained, diverse, and vigorous workforce of school counselors and paraprofessionals who will serve as agents of change and social advocates in reducing disparities in higher education

Through didactic instruction, research based curriculum and readings, peer and experiential learning and practical “hands on” training, the program will cover the below information throughout a series of modules.

  • Overview and Introduction to College Admissions Counseling and the Role of Counselor
  • Cultural Competence- Individual and Systematic Counselor cycle
  • Ethical Issues and Decision Making Models
  • Developmental Theories
  • College Matching
  • College Entrance Exams
  • Parts of the Application
  • Metrics for College Access and Success
  • Navigating Financial Aid
  • Serving Specific Populations
    • Undocumented Students
    • First Generation Students
    • Homeless Youth
    • Students in Foster Care
    • Student Athletes
    • Military Academics
    • Students with Disabilities
    • Students of Color

This program is opened to interested participants who are currently pursuing a school counseling degree, professional school counselors, college access professionals, and community stakeholders who would like to deepen their understanding and gain specialized training in the topic of college advisement with a special emphasis on high-achieving students with great financial need.

All participants who complete the 15 modules during the specified enrollment period will receive a Certificate of Completion and 3.5 Continuing Education Units.