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Office of Risk Management
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Certificate of Insurance

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Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance required by Outside Parties
Teachers College is often requested by outside parties to provide proof of insurance evidencing the College’s insurance coverage. Please complete and submit the Certificate of Insurance Request form to the Office of Risk Management Generally, a certificate of insurance will be issued within 48 hours of your request by via email.
Below is the Certificate of Insurance form and instructions.
Certificate of Insurance required by Teachers College

A certificate of insurance is a document that shows proof of insurance coverage. Contractors, suppliers, or other outside parties who will be performing work for or services to the College, or using College facilities are required to provide evidence of the insurance required by the College by submitting a certificate of insurance to the Office of Risk Management.

All certificates shall contain the provision that the insurance shall not be canceled for any reason, except after thirty (30) days written notice and indicate the nature of work being performed or goods/services being furnished  Failure to furnish will result in work not being allowed to commence. For new contracts with vendors all certificate of insurance should be provided along with the signed contract and a copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement.

All certificate of insurance must include the following information on the document:

Additional Insured Language: Teachers College, Columbia University their affiliates, trustees, officers, agents and employees, volunteers, and representatives are named as an additional insured and shall provide a waiver of subrogation in favor of Teacher College and affiliates.  Such insurance shall be primary over other collectible insurance that may apply

Job description with project number(s)

Please send all Certificates of Insurance and a copyof the additional insured endorsement to the Risk Management and Insurance, Teachers College, Columbia University, 525 W. 120th Street – Box 83, New York, NY 10027. Electronic copy of the Certificate of Insurance is acceptable in lieu of direct mail. Please send it to and include the following within the subject line: “CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE” with the policy expiration date and the Vendor’s name (ABC).