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Solymar Ferreras Garriga, Attorney Associate

Solymar Ferreras Garriga completed a Bachelor in Arts from Georgetown University (Cum Laude), with a major in International Relations and minor in Sociology; Juris Doctor (Magna Cum Laude) and Masters in Social Work (concentration in Administration of Human Services) both from the University of Puerto Rico.  She is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Education at Teachers College, in the Adult Learning and Leadership Program.

Ferreras Garriga served as a Legal Advisor to the Municipality of San Juan in Puerto Rico (Office of Legal Affairs and later the Office for the Holistic Development of Women) and the Civil Rights Commission of Puerto Rico;  Provided both legal and social work support to the Community Council of the Península de Cantera in Puerto Rico;  Worked as an Administrative Judge at the Department of Consumer Affairs of Puerto Rico and was a Specialist in Judicial Education at the Puerto Rico Judicial Academy (Puerto Rico Judicial Branch).