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Elementary Inclusive Education

Elementary Inclusive Education

The Department of Curriculum & Teaching

Course Requirements for the 52 Credit DUAL Program

Student Teaching Semesters  Restricted to Student Teachers
Course # Course Name Credit(s)
C&T 4123  Core: Inclusive Curriculum & Instruction (fall) 3
C&T 4124 Core: Inclusive Curriculum Development (spring) 3
C&T 4726 Practica & Student Teaching  (year-long course) 8
C&T 4132 Literacy Methods (fall) 3
C&T 4199 Literacy Interventions (spring) 2-3
Foundations and Methods Courses
Course # Course Name Credit(s)
MSTM 5010 Math Methods* 3
MSTC 4040 Science Methods 3
C&T 4143 Multicultural Social Studies** 3
HBSS 4116 Health Education for Teachers 1-2
C&T 4000 Disability, Exclusion and Schooling** 3
C&T 4301 Educational Assessment*** 3
  Educational Foundations**** (Philosophy/ Social
        Science in Education or Child Development)
Critical Special Education Practicum Semester
Course # Course Name Credit(s)
C&T 5081 Collaborative Communication in Cultural Contexts 3
C&T 5080 Access to Full Participation in Schools 3
C&T 4311 Practicum 3
C&T 5905 Discourse in Difference 3
Other Courses
Course # Course Name Credit(s)
  Elective***** 0-3
*The math methods class is not available to preservice (non-certified) students if the course schedule says "restricted to in-service students."
**Must be completed before Student Teaching.
***Must be completed after Student Teaching and before CSE Internship, offered during Summer A only.
****An appropriate undergraduate course may be substituted for this requirement; please consult with Preservice Faculty.
*****The Program does not require any elective; most students have room for a one credit elective. See Program Office for many one credit class options.
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