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Dean's Competitive Grant for Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty

To:       Faculty Colleagues

From:   Provost Tom James

Re:       Dean's Competitive Grant for Pre-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty 

Date:   September 23, 2015

It is my pleasure to announce the Teachers College 2015-2016 Dean's Competitive Grant for Pre-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty. A total of 2 grants will be awarded this year.  This grant supports faculty research and scholarship during the Summer of 2015 by providing:


1.    A stipend equivalent to teaching one summer course (1/12th of AY base salary). Faculty are expected not to teach in the Summer; this stipend is provided in lieu of teaching salary.


2.         Up to $1,500 to be used for budgeted expenses (i.e., research assistant, travel, materials, etc.) associated with the proposed research.  Please note that funds may not be used for equipment and it is required that all expenses be incurred and reimbursed by August, 31, 2016. 


Upon completion of the research, the grant awardees may be invited to share the results with the TC Community by sharing a published report and may also be invited to deliver a lecture.

This grant is intended to support faculty research and scholarship. Faculty should submit a no more than 10-page (single-spaced) proposal that includes the following:

  1. A description of the proposed project and an abstract;
  2. A rationale including the relevance and significance of the project to your ongoing work, to the field, and to the mission of the College;
  3. An overview of the methodology;
  4. A timeline for completion;
  5. A proposed budget not to exceed $1,500;
  6. If the proposal is part of a larger, long-term project, an indication of how this work fits into the context of the overall research project;
  7. A description of other funded research, amount of support, degree and period of commitment.  Please note that preference will be given to faculty who are not working on other funded projects during the period of the grant.

Each proposal should also include the following attachments:

  1. an updated curriculum vitae;
  2. a description of other sources of funding for this project;
  3. any relevant publications or other supporting documents;
  4. a communication from the department chair, indicating his/her endorsement/support and confirmation that you will not be teaching during the Summer session.

The following schedule highlights key dates:

Submission Date:        November 27, 2015                

Notification Date:       Week of February 1, 2016

Starting Date:              Summer 2015

Please submit via e-mail ONE electronic copy of the proposal with its attachments to Your last name and the grant you are applying for will go in the subject line of your e-mail.  Please contact the Executive Administrator to the Provost, Mitzi Pelle, at or (212) 678-3050(212) 678-3050 with any questions.