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Dean's Faculty Diversity Research Awards Program & Fellowship Program for Teaching and Diversity


Dean's Faculty Diversity Research Awards Program
Dean's Fellowship Program for Teaching and Diversity

The Office of the Provost and Dean of the College  and the Faculty Executive Committee's (FEC) Subcommittee on Race, Culture, and Diversity are pleased to issue a call for proposals for:
  •  Dean's Faculty Diversity Research Awards Program that supports faculty research projects related to diversity for one semester.  The award provides:
    • continued salary and benefits;
    • release time from teaching 2 courses during one semester;
    • salary of $2,500 plus fringe benefits for a student to be hired on the interim line (no tuition points) during  the semester that the faculty members takes release time; and a transfer of funds for instructional coverage (adjunct or instructor only) to the department  as necessary.
Faculty research awards must be undertaken in residence at TC. Therefore, advising of doctoral students and College and department committee work will be continued. Upon completion of the project, the recipient will be invited to share the results with the TC Community by delivering a lecture or sharing a published report.

  • Dean's Fellowship Program for Teaching and Diversity supports a graduate student to work with a faculty member (or department) on teaching and diversity.  The award provides:
    • salary of  $2,700 and up to 3 tuition points to an a department appointed research assistant for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 (please note that all eligibility requirements outlined in the student employment guidelines must be met); and,
    • a $1,000 per semester stipend to the faculty member.

Please note: The first award is for faculty research while the fellowship award is specifically to pay for an  advanced masters or doctoral student to work with a TC faculty member, program, or department on teaching diversity-'related issues at TC. Both awards provide support for a graduate student. Please be clear about which award program you are applying for.

Please direct any questions about procedure to Associate Provost Kristine Roome and questions regarding possible topics to members of the FEC Subcommittee on Race, Culture and Diversity, Professors  Regina Cortina, Amy S. Wells, and Ernest Morrell.

Proposal due date for either award:  Friday, March 11, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.

Summary of Dean's Faculty Diversity Research Awards Program:

Proposed research projects should aim to enhance our understanding of or engagement with issues related to diversity broadly defined. Research topics could include the challenges of teaching, learning, service, or research itself within a diverse society. Applicants may incorporate innovative approaches and multiple perspectives (involving cultures, religious orientations, languages, gender, race-'ethnicity, disabilities, disciplines, methodologies, challenges to existing research paradigms or epistemologies, etc.). The committee invites applicants to reconceptualize diversity broadly to apply in the various disciplines of education, policy, psychology, or health areas.

The following is a list of typical projects, provided to suggest the breadth of topics that will be considered, but this list is not inclusive of all possibilities: critically exploring the role of diversity issues in the criteria used by a philanthropic organization for evaluating research proposals for funding; researching and writing a large grant proposal for a multi-'year study on critical issues related to diversity in education; initiating an inquiry into changing patterns of gender representation of students in arts, humanities, and sciences at a graduate school of education; evaluating a new course on alternative sexualities in a local community college; examining affirmative recruiting practices for teachers in a public middle school; identifying emerging forms of classism among students in a public high school; conducting a pilot study of early issues around ethnicity in day care; preparing a survey on new research approaches to disability.

All full-'time faculty with professorial appointments are eligible, and pre-tenure faculty are especially encouraged to apply for these grants. Up to two grants will be awarded in late spring 2016, to be accepted for either Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. Please note that splitting the course release over two semesters is not permitted and the semester chosen may not come directly before or after a sabbatical leave.

A.  The proposal should include the following elements:

   1.  5-page, single-spaced description of the Research Project that includes the following:

    • Statement of the problem(s) to be investigated
    • An explanation of how the proposed project advances knowledge and understanding within the     faculty member's field(s). For example, to what extent does the proposed activity explore  creative, original or potentially transformative concepts about diversity? What is the potential contribution of this project to the existing body of research in this area?
    • An overview of the methodology
    • What is the potential broader impact of the proposed research on policy and practice?
    • How does this award further the faculty member's research agenda? How does this work fit in   the context of on-going or future research? How might it lead to future collaboration with other  researchers within TC or at other institutions? How might this award and the research it supports help enhance the faculty member's ability to seek and attract external funding for this  project in the future?
   2. Timeline for proposed project

   3. Description of the other relevant funded research projects, including amount of support, degree and period of commitment

   4. List of references

B. Priority will be given to:

   1.    Faculty who are launching a new research project and/or are in the process of seeking external funding for their research.

   2.    Proposals that encourage collaboration among different fields and departments.

   3.    Research that investigates how diversity can benefit students' learning, creativity and preparation for a diverse society.

   4.    Work that shows how research in diversity should inform educational policy and practice.

Each proposal should also include the following attachments: 1) a cover letter, 2) an updated curriculum vitae, 3) a description of other sources of funding for this project, 4) any relevant publications or other supporting documents, and, 5) a communication from the department chair, indicating how your teaching schedule will be adjusted and the amount of funds needed for adjunct coverage if required.

Proposals are reviewed by members of the FEC Subcommittee on Race, Culture, and Diversity and recommendations for awards are made to the Dean. Submit  your proposal electronically to Mitzi Pelle at in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College by the firm deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, March 11, 2016.  Please submit all materials electronically; no hard copies will be accepted.

Note: This program is distinct from the Dean's annual Faculty Research Awards.  Those awards are not co-sponsored by this subcommittee and do not require a focus on issues of diversity.

Summary of the Dean's Fellowship Program for Teaching and Diversity:

This program will fund up to five Teaching and Diversity Fellows for the AY 2016-2017. The application is made by the faculty sponsor, but $2,700 of the $3,700 award goes to the designated student. TC faculty members apply to sponsor and supervise a Diversity Fellow who will be:
  •  A research assistant, working with the sponsoring faculty member and perhaps other faculty in the Program or Department on TC course offerings related to diversity.
  •  Interested in issues of ethnicity, culture, and diversity as they relate to teaching and learning within Teachers College.
  •  Responsible for a range of tasks related to developing, pilot testing, and teaching new or revamped courses at Teachers College. For instance, the fellow could be a member of a committee within a Program or  Department to reexamine curriculum and course offerings. The fellow could also work closely with the faculty  mentor and maybe a core group of other faculty and students to research course offerings at other universities;  develop proposals for new TC courses; survey or interview other students on issues of diversity in Program or  Departmental course offerings; or serve as a teaching assistant for a new, piloted TC course on diversity.

Individual faculties (or departments) are invited to submit two- to five-page (double-spaced) proposals specifying:

  • Overall project or goal to which the Fellow will contribute
  • Explicit tasks and activities for which the Fellow will be responsible
  • How the faculty sponsor will participate and collaborate with the Fellow
  • How both the sponsor and the Fellow will benefit from the experience
  • How the project advances the College's teaching, curriculum, and pedagogy related to diversity issues

Department Chairs are required to write a brief endorsement for each project proposed under their department.

The FEC Subcommittee on Race, Culture and Diversity encourages proposals that emphasize pedagogical and curricular innovations that are attuned to socio-cultural differences in learners, and inequalities that tend to correlate with these differences in academic contexts. An example of a possible project: a faculty member wishes to explore the literature on multiculturalism as it relates to a course that s/he is teaching and requests funding for a Fellow to conduct library research, assist with the development of the syllabus and reading list, and/or co-teach a part of the course. Another example would be a faculty member and an advanced graduate student jointly designing a survey or interview protocol to gather more information from students enrolled in their Program or Department about what is needed in new or revised courses on diversity in the required curriculum. Student-initiated projects and those developed to include the voices and perspectives of students are strongly encouraged as long as faculty members agree to sponsor and work with the students. All full-time faculty members with professorial appointments are eligible to sponsor a fellow. Interested and engaged doctoral students and advanced masters students are eligible to apply. Although priority for funding will be given to new projects, proposals that continue the work of previously funded Fellows will be considered if they meet the stated criteria and provide sufficient justification for renewal.

Proposals are reviewed by members of the FEC Subcommittee on Race, Culture, and Diversity and recommendations for awards are made to the Dean. Criteria for selection are: a) clarity and substance of tasks and goals, b) relevance to enhancing curriculum and teaching as both relate to issues of diversity, and c) demonstration of meaningful student engagement in the review, development and/or teaching of TC classes that further the department's work and the College's mission with regard to teaching diversity. Submit your proposal electronically to Mitzi Pelle at in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College by the firm deadline of 5 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2016.  Please submit all materials electronically; no hard copies will be accepted.