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Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship

Current Minority Postdoctoral Fellows

Monique Lane, Ph.D.
Affiliations at the Department of Arts and Humanities and IUME

  • Monique Lane, Minority Postdoctoral Research Fellow, earned her Ph.D. and M. Ed. in Urban Education from UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.
  • Dr. Lane’s dissertation, “Engendering Sisterhood, Solidarity, and Self-love: Black Feminist Pedagogy and the Social Identities of African-American Girls”, examined the complex ways in which the social and academic identities of African-American female students are co-constructed and mediated within the schooling context—as well as how this process influences the educational outcomes of these youth.
  • Drawing from a Black feminist framework, Dr. Lane’s research specifically involves analyzing Black feminist pedagogical practices employed for two years during her recent research as an English teacher at a public South Los Angeles high school. A qualitative methodology was utilized to explore the immediate and long-term impact of a Black feminist curriculum on African-American female students’ orientation towards school and the development of their racial/ethnic and gender identities. This research offers concrete examples of pedagogical processes that engender self-actualization and an authentic craving for cultural and intellectual empowerment among young Black women. Furthermore, it highlights the responsibility of K-12 institutions to mainstream empowering curricular interventions for African-American female youth.
  • Dr. Lane has taught courses in UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, and recently received the honor of  “Distinguished Teaching Associate” in the Graduate School of Education.


Altovise Gipson-Colon
Department of Arts and Humanities

  • Altovise Gipson-Colon, Minority Postdoctoral Research Fellow, earned her Ph.D. and M. Phil. in Urban Education from the City University of New York Graduate School.

  • Dr. Gipson-Colon's dissertation, "Spaces of Inspiration, Affirmation, and Resistance for African-American Music Teachers," focused on the narratives and teaching life histories of African-American music teachers and how their engagement within artistically, racially, and culturally inclusive spaces have informed their perceptions of what it means to be a teacher.

  • Dr. Gipson-Colon's research examines African-American music teachers by conducting a study about perceptions of inclusive musical spaces among TC graduate music  students. Her project addresses how cultural values and perceptions are influential in  determining what and whose knowledge is privileged in music education. Her research will provide a  space for the perspectives of music teachers to be amplified by illuminating experiences that are  uniquely linked to who they perceive themselves to be and how they construct, negotiate, and navigate their understandings of what it means to be a teacher.     

  •  Dr. Gipson-Colon has lectured at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the College of Staten Island (CUNY).


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