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Event Details: TEDx Teachers College


TEDx Teachers College
is committed to hosting an annual conference with the purpose of promoting TED’s goal: “Ideas worth sharing.” Agents of Change is the theme for the April 4, 2014, TEDx event. TEDx TC plans to invite a variety of speakers from within the TC community, the greater New York area, and international organizations and individuals to discuss topics relevant to this year’s theme. Several TEDx speakers from our student population will share ideas, projects, and dissertations. The aim is to promote reflection on topics representing a wide range of academic fields and interests, encourage discussion of ideas shared, and raise the academic discourse at TC. In addition to the panel, other events will be held leading up to the main event in April to introduce topics and generate interest.


Type: Lectures & Talks

Location: TBA

Date & Time: 3/28/2014, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact: Andras Molnar


Preventing Sexual and Gender Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Assault - Title IX Compliance

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