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Event Details: Women Stories Film Series

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs
and The African Diaspora International Film Festival
invite you to the

WOMEN STORIES film series

Mar. 28 to SUNDAY, MAR. 30

WHERE: Room 263 Macy
TICKETS: FREE with a valid TC ID


Friday, March 28 @ 6:30pm

Cairo, today. Hebba, a television show host, presents a successful political talk show on a privately owned network. Karim, her husband, is deputy editor in chief of a government-owned newspaper with ambition to become editor in chief. He believes that his wife’s constant meddling with opposition politics could put his promotion in danger. Using his boyish charm and sexual prowess, he convinces Hebba to stay away from politics, so she starts a series of talk shows around women’s issues. Hebba knows, of course, that women’s issues are political and she finds herself walking in a minefield of abuse, sexual, religious, social and political repression that increases tension in her marriage.Directed by Yousry Nasrallah, 2009, 135 min, Egypt, fiction, Arabic with English subtitles


Saturday, March 29 @ 2pm

Praïa,Cape verde. Laura, Flavia and Bela are childhood friends. Each leads her own life and they sometimes meet to dance, dine and have fun. But one day the calm rivers of their lives break their banks and become wild torrents: Ricardo, Flavia’s husband, rapes his pupil Indira, Laura’s 13-year old eldest daughter. A film that takes a critical look at the lives of women in Cape Verde.

Directed by Ana Lucia Ramos Lisboa, 2007, 77 min, Cape Verde, drama, Creole with English subtitles


Saturday, March 29 @ 4pm


Susana Baca is not only a champion in the performance and preservation of Afro-Peruvian heritage, but also an elegant singer whose shimmering voice sings of love, loss and life. Susana and her husband Ricardo Pereira have founded the Instituto Negrocontinuo “Black Continuum” in Lima, a spirited facility for the exploration, expression, and creation of Black Peruvian culture. While Baca has dedicated herself to researching and performing virtually all forms of Afro-Peruvian folklore, it is the lando that has become her trademark. This slow to mid-tempo, highly evocative mix of Spanish, Indigenous and African rhythms has become what the son is to Cuba, or the samba to Brazil–the lando is the sound of Black Peru.

Directed by Mark Dixon, 2003, 54 min, Peru/Belgium, musical documentary, Spanish with English subtitles

Shown with


Maria Bethânia is a living musical legend whose earthy interpretations of Brazilian film music have inspired generations of fans and musical colleagues all over the world. In this documentary by Georges Cachot, we see many famous faces from the music world alongside Bethânia. Director Georges Gachot intercuts concert footage and interviews with the singer’s family, friends and peers to create a warm and personal portrait of a woman and her impeccable art.

Directed by Georges Gachot, 2005, 82 min, Brazil/Switzerland, musical documentary, Portuguese with English subtitles



Sunday, March 30 @ 2pm

Raising teenaged daughters is not easy, especially for Ayan, a Somalian refugee living in Canada who also supports a husband and two sons left behind in Somalia. Living in her small Vancouver apartment with her daughters — Nasrah, 17, and Leila, 15 — Ayan is trying to keep everything together, but is evicted from her apartment for late payment. Because Ayan is unable to afford the soaring rents on her two service jobs, and the Canadian social services are unable to assist in placing her, she and her two daughters must move into a Family Motel. Drama ensues when Nasrah and Leila begin to rebel against their mother.

Directed by Helene Klodawsky, 2007, 88 min, Canada, drama, English



Sunday, March 30 @ 4:30pm


A tender, revealing documentary about one of the most famous and popular performing artists of the 20th century. Her legendary banana belt dance created theatre history; her song “J’ai deux amours” became a classic, and her hymn. The film focuses on her life and work from a  perspective that analyses images of Black people in popular culture. It portrays the artist in the mirror of European colonial clichés and presents her as a resistance fighter, an ambulance driver during WWII, and an outspoken activist against racial discrimination involved in the worldwide Black Consciousness movement of the 20th century.

Directed by Annette von Wangenheim, 2006, 45 min, Germany, documentary, English/French/German with English subtitles



A documentary which focuses on Madame C.J. Walker, a black woman who, in 1910, made a small investment in a company specializing in black hair and skin care products and realized a dream that made her America’s first self-made millionairess. The program also documents the life of her daughter, A’Lelia Walker, black America’s patron of the Harlem Renaissance. Included are interviews with the Walkers’ friends and coworkers and a collection of stills, film, and music from the period.

Q&A with director Stanley Nelson after the screening

Refreshments will be served

DVDs of films from Africa and the African Diaspora will be on sale at
the venue. $15 per DVD; $25 for 2 DVD; $35 for three DVD and $10 for
each additional DVD.

To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, (212) 678-3853 TTY, (866) 624-3281 video
phone, as early as possible.

Type: Community

Location: 263 Macy

Date & Time: From 3/28/2014 6:30 PM To 3/30/2014 7:00 PM

Contact: Diarah N'daw-Spech


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