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College Ombuds

Faculty and Staff Ombuds

Erwin flaxman, ph.d., ombudsperson of the college
Erwin Flaxman, Ph.D.
Ombuds of the College

Room 280 Grace Dodge

(212) 678-4169


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday by appointment  

The College Ombuds is a resource available to students, staff, and faculty for resolving problems and conflicts after normal processes have not worked satisfactorily, or when they no longer want to pursue their concerns through normal channels.  Community members can meet with the Ombuds when they do not know where else to go to for help. They should, however, attempt to resolve their problems or register complaints with their advisors, instructors, supervisors, or staff of College offices before coming to the Ombuds.

All parties involved in an issue or the resolution of a problem or dispute are instructed to cooperate with the Ombuds.

The Office of the Ombuds adheres to all policies and practices of Teachers College and to standards of professional practice.


The Ombuds will:

  •   Discuss the concerns of students, faculty, or staff and identify and evaluate options for resolving them.


    1. Provide needed information about policies and procedures for dealing with a problem.
    2. Investigate the complaint and gather information.
    3. Create lines of communication and convene meetings, if necessary, for resolving an individual's problem. Please note: The Ombuds will always act as a neutral party.
    4. Identify a problem that requires changes in College policies and procedures.


    All conversations with the Ombuds are strictly confidential* and will not be discussed with anyone without your permission in writing, nor may anyone compel the Ombuds to reveal any information.                                *Excluding sexual harassment

  • Impartiality and Independence

    The Ombuds is an advocate for the solution of the problem, not for any involved party and gives equal attention and protects the rights of all concerned parties.


    The Ombuds is available throughout the week by appointment.

  • Adapted from University Ombudsman and ADA Administrator. Copyright 1999 by the Reader and Visitors, University of Virginia.

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